Guild of Bigger Gamers

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         The "Guild of Bigger Gamers", is a group exclusive to bigger-gay-men gamers. We have a wide variety of gaming interest over all platforms, PC, Console and handheld. The GBG is a place to enjoy the company of other gamers of similar size and orientation, whilst discussing the latest video game flop or developer drama.  We can be found on facebook. Newly formed, we are mostly looking for members to be active in chat. Monthly or weekly gaming events are on the horizon as more members join.
Interested in becoming a member?  Requirements -   a) Must be 21+
                                                                                     b) Bigger (fat) - while we understand this can be debatable, that is what     
                                                                                       "applying" is for.

                                                                                     c) Gay or Bi
                                                                                           d) Obsessive love for gaming.
Apply at our Facebook Group. (Join group option is at the top right), from there we connect through Steam, XboxLive and PSN. 
Contact: Joshua; for any questions.